JINLONG has established 2005 . Our owner want to give customers access to the high-quality connections with manufactories and being enjoyed working directly with us . Over 10 years we bring customer not only the real high level quality service also impecc
Get to know us business philosophy Team Work Introduction

    At Jinlong, we only think how to empower millions of people to make an impression through what they wear every day. As one of the global textile company, our unmatched technology, production and supply chain operations allow us to offer products that always leads others . We can then manufacture to a high quality at an affordable price. We create real, tangible products that bring to real people. We have been on the way of innovations and never stop

    The world has changed dramatically. The way people interact has changed. The move to fabric has connected the world, but in many important ways, We’re more disconnected than ever. Business and consumer around the world too often must make a tradeoff between what are they can afford or what is costly but beautiful thing of the world. We are changing that by harnessing the power of the talent to enable customer to make a real thing happening.


1819 autumnal trend colour prediction - white

The layers of white clouds, which surround you in deep light, are dreamlike. Imagine your long skirt, a thousand miles away, a light and cheerful law, which is the height of the clouds when the flowers bloom.2018 autumn/winter white still slowly coming to us, this time with a healthy, youthful vitality and sunshine, she builds a pure atmosphere in qiu dong season, to pure, holy, wonderful life yearning and pursuit.